Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Is England...

The term 'Flatmate' confuses me.

Why is it that just because someone has been randomly placed in the room next to or opposite you in a flat that stinks of stale smoke, they automatically class as your 'mate'.

None of my chosen 'mates' which I have, over a period of many years, gradually built up a 'mateship' with, smoosh chips into the carpet and leave it there, bang on my door pointlessly at ridiculous hours of the morning, eat my only food, snap the strings on my guitar and piss me off to the point of explosion.

If you can't already tell... it's late, I can't sleep because of the noise my 'flatmates' are making, I have uni 9am-6pm tomorrow and I'm CRANKY.

Give me some Mighty Boosh and a herbal tea and I shall try and calm down.



From now on, I'm going to actually do a blog like I should.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's the final countdown.

10 days to go.
When I was a small baby child Jersey seemed like the widest land possible to walk on.
The centre of my world was my house and all the fun I could ever dream of having was had sitting on my rug playing with the many hundred barbie's that I had.


So soon, I am fleeing this little island to start a completely new world.

University has finally arrived and it is so insanely crazy that it has.

Packing to be done.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Everyone has a story
and luckily, this one is mine.
If I just keep on reading the pages,
I might start feeling fine.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Concrete Continuum...

I have decided to reduce my negativity and become positive.

What a funny little place it is.
I have a small analogy for this island.
It's like a video game.
Not a violent war type one... but one more like Spyro of Crash Bandicoot.
Where the trees are adundant and luscious but are sometimes difficult to see or appreciate.
The characters here are odd and funny but you can't help but love them and just take them for what and who they are.
And there is an aim for the game... there is always a level you are constantly trying to complete... but when you do complete it... there is a kind of disatisfaction, almost as if you aren't really sure of what you were trying to complete and the reason why you thought you should.

I had a conversation with someone yesterday about it and I may have come across quite arrogant in my opinions about living here and how, in my mind, there is no reason why anyone could want to stay here forever and feel satisfied with it's security.
Maybe that's what it is.... the massive security that Jersey provides... where is the challenge? where are the set backs that motivate you to have to fight and push harder for the things you want.
But I know my opinions are mine and there are plenty of people who love the prospect of having security like this, but I can't for the life of me, imagine me ever being settled with life here, not for a good 20 years at least.

This is not an ungrateful view. I appreciate the beauty and splendor of this place and my upbringing here has been one of a kind... the people I've met are completely unique and I will never meet anyone like them again in my life.
Without being able to just go for a drive down to the beach and just sit and look out for a while I would probably have gone mad a million times by now.
But, with the reality of university so real now, I can't help but wonder whether this has been a hinderance to me or not... has Jersey made me lazy?
I bloody hope not.
And all in all... I can't wait to get out the concrete routine I have been in for 18 years and 9 months.
Watch this space... when i'm living in a big city I might act like a little kid in a sweet shop and get awfully excited with all the new things I can do, see and have.


Ode to Jersey TBC...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A right spanner in the works...

About 3:30pm this afternoon I am sitting round the table at Daisy's with her sweet face along with lovely Lezala's and bring bring my phone rings (not bring bring actually my ring tone is Ride A White Swan - T.Rex) and it goes something like this:

- Hello
- Hello. Is this Annie Law
- Yes it is.
- Hi Annie it's (i can't remember his name) from Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
- Oh, hello?
- Well remember that you auditioned for the BA Hons in Acting and we had previously sent you a letter saying we were still considering your application but weren't confident to offer you a place as we still had a lot of candidates to see?
- Yes I remember...
- Well. We'd like to offer you a place. How does that sound?
- Wow. Right. Um. Well... I've actually already accepted a place at Liverpool John Moores for the Drama course...
- Oh right (laughs)
- But. um. wow. I don't really know what to say.
- Yes. Well it sounds like you might want to have a chance to think this over.
- Um. Yes please.....

I had completely and utterly decided on John Moores and was so happy with my choice la de daaa but here come LIPA offering me a bloody place now!
I should obviously take it but what the hell arrrggggggghhhh.

Great time to throw this mental desicion at me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Glasto Fever

It seems to me that I am an imbalanced human being.
When I have an A Level exam which I am under-prepared for in less than a week... all I can think about and all that is occupying my thoughts above academic success is, of corse, Glastonbury.

"Annie our exam is in a week!"

So me, Daisy, Lindz, Stephen and Roobz leave the rock on Monday, approximately 2 hours after I have tsunami'd all my psychological knowledge onto an exam paper mounted on a small wooden desk. BRAIN FRIED.
Here's the ideal situation...
'WOOO Psychology is over, thus, all my exams are over and woo let's go to Glasto and have a sweet time with no worries wooo....'


Wednesday the 30th (2 days after our return from glastoland) we sit a SECOND psychology paper. die die die die die die die.

SO in conclusion, I have to cram in a whole years worth of work into my brain BEFORE monday because to be quite frankly frank, honest and truthful... it ain't like i'm gonna be revising psychological experimental methods instead of grooving up my life in Shangri La or something similar and amazing.

Today was successful however...

In my revision break which was a well deserved one today I decided to have a bath.
Maybe it's just the high daring delinquent that I am, but I had a super hot one.
So hot that I was close to tears when I dipped my leg in... but I braved it and it was worth it.
As a treat I went all out with the bath products... scrubs, posh shampoo's and conditioner (i never use conditioner) and it was like a gift from the heavens.
What can we draw from one of THE most pointless post's ever made on the internet?
Having a bath is a successful interlude from revision as it refreshed me and made me brainy again.

I'm going to watch videos of the Cribs and continue with my daily dose of GLASTOFEVER.
(last night i couldn't sleep for thinking of how amazing next weekend is going to be OH MY)


My new absolutely favourite word (courtesy of Robert Anderson) is.....


Find out what it means and use it all the time.... (nice boating shoes... a bit... ubiquitous...)

Ok Goodnight

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good Evening.
It should be made a law that everyone has to have a chamomile tea before bed every evening.
It's so calming and just the perfect conclusion to the day... especially for me at the moment as I am such a busy bee... all that's missing is some wings and a strong desire to sit on flowers.

What a weekend.

I feel that working monday to friday puts a real strain on my plans for the weekend because by friday I either want to go mad and party lots or I just want to wilt onto my bed and sleep until I have to work again.
This weekend was not the latter....
Friday arrived and after work I received an invitation for some drinks at Abigails.
This, I attended along with Brontey and enjoyed one chilled Magners and some vodka to follow.
This is us...

Then off we scurried to the Live Lounge.
Live Lounge is a funny one because you can never predict which events are going to be popular.
This night was a 'Britpopolypse' night which was of a (you guessed it) brit pop theme.
I very much expected to bumble around drunkenly for most of the night then shoot off in a taxi home to a cuppa tea and a sweet sleep... but much to my surprise... the instant that Pirate Video Company struck the very first chord of their set I was so hooked.
Max, Nick, Piers and Adam: I can't believe i'd never seen you play before this seeing as there have been so many nights which I had planned to.
Such a good set was played and I seriously LOVED it.

Yesterday, in breif, was perfect...

- Delia Baker
- Dixon (my car)
- Plemont
- Diet Coke (no ice! Stupid cafe)
- Swimming costumes
- Pool
- Sauna
- Garden
- Tea
- Rollies
- Camenbert cheese
- The Cribs
- India Sutton
- Dicq Shack
- Sunshine
- High Tide
- Pad Thai
- Bottle of vino
- England Vs USA
- Beautiful balcony
- Tea
- Toblerone
- Notting Hill

Mix all ingredients in a sunny saturday until light and creamy then add in some many conversations.
Once all combined, heat with love until golden brown.
Leave to cool, serve and enjoy... thoroughly.
I love days like these... they have a perfect balance of sanity and beauty... that's the Libra in me coming out to play.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why fear death?
Be scared of living.
Our hearts are small and ever thinning.

I find that 'alone time' is the most difficult thing to get right.
I've been a loner for a while now and I think I'm only just starting to be good at it.
There's a certain skill to handling yourself when you're alone... it's a completely different person to the one you are when in company.

From my long relationship which ended about a year ago now, I learned the importance of being alone. Spending time making sure you are rooted and knowing that you are appreciating the important things that wilt and die without nurture...

When you are always around others, they start to become as much a part of your thinking as your own consciousness is; I know I've found myself forgetting what I actually think about certain things sometimes.

I sound like a psychiatrist.

Anyway, today I went on a date with Jess to see Sex and the City 2 at the cinema (yes we went for a cocktail before... standard) and after the film I felt a little bit low.
The rain was pouring and it was so windy... normally the kind of weather that makes me want to only be in my bed in my Pj's away from the winter.
But as I was driving home listening to Laura Marling, I took a detour to Noirmont Point. I pulled up right at the edge of the cliff (dodgy yeah), turned Rambling Man up so loud and sat in the car and just looked.
When you are somewhere where if you get out the car you will most likely be blown off the island and drenched through your skin, you feel so small and insignificant.
I like that feeling of insignificance... like comparing an issue you may have with something so bold as nature.... is it still as big a problem as you thought/have created?

Although I wasn't really 'doing' anything in the alone time... my mind was settling itself. Not relying on itself to settle itself either... but just reacting to what is plainly and simply what it's taking in and using it for calm.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ok so now more than ever before... I am riddled with freckles.
Everyone seems to think they're all cute and good but I don't think I enjoy them much.
I look about 2.

Two more days left of school ever...... WEIRD.
Totally and utterly bizarre but definately exciting.
I should probably revise for the english re-take that is on Thursday... hmm.
Me, Zoe and Robyn are cycling to school tomorrow because pretty much every year since I've been at Hautlieu I say, 'When it gets more sunny I really want to cycle to school...' NEVER HAVE.
So, seeing as this is my last chance to be able to say... yeah i've cycled to school... we're doing it.

A few other thoughts while I'm in the swing of blabbing on about stuff that no one actually cares about but it makes me feel special to be typing it ....

I just found a very good little gem of a band called '1,2,3' on the guardian website (which is a brilliant website for culture and such like).
They sound a bit rocky, psychadelicy, with a subtle hint of funkish type grooves.

Everyday glasto '10 gets closer and everyday ANNIE LAW GETS MORE AND MORE EXCITED ABOUT IT.
Laura Marling watch out because you can get married at glasto and that is what me and you will be doing.

Love Me x

P.s Joe Driscoll played at the live lounge last night and he was bloody spiffing.
Jolly fun night.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ok. Hello.
Has anyone been watching the programme 'I'm in a Rock and Roll Band'?
I'm watching it now and this one is all about singers.
Here are some observations I have made so far:

1. The guy from Stereophonics is an idiot... I quote... "If the women d
on't wanna fuck you and the men don't want to
be you then I don't see the point in being in a band.

2. Courtney Love isn't good in any way. She threw one of t
he most beautiful Rickenbackers i've ever seen for no reason. I dislike that intensely.

3. Mick Jagger wasn't hot. But he was extremely attractive. I still can't grasp how
or why.

4. Morrisey has beautiful eyes.

5. Iggy Pop used to look like Liza Minnelli

6. Bands used to actually be cool without trying. Bands now (not all but most) TRY so hard.

7. Jim Morrison literally had to do absolutely not
hing to be incredible.

8. I would like to marry Marc Bolan.

9. "Lead singers are different. They are special". OBVIOUSLY TRUE ;)


11. When did Tommy Lee get old?

12. Axl Rose is and always has been... my least favourite thing since karaoke.

13. Liam Gallagher. I don't really know where to start on this one. Louie.

14. I want to be in the 70's. Please.

I may add to this list in due course.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Guys I just made a blog. Is that lame?"

I'm now involved.
I've thrust myself into the world of blogging... the world where it's OK to pretend that everyone cares what you're writing about.
So this is it.

Basically... I feel like over the last three years working at the Coffee Shop... the question I have asked THE most, MORE often and OVER AND OVER again....
'Chocolate or Cinnamon?'

It's interesting.... I would always go for cinnamon... it's clearly the better choice of sprinkling for your coffee... but people ALWAYS seem to go for chocolate which baffles me.
Maybe cinnamon is more of a risk... less of a safe option?
I do not know.
But I urge you... next time you are about to request chocolate... go for cinnamon. Do it for me.

I am about to watch Ray and cry.