Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Glasto Fever

It seems to me that I am an imbalanced human being.
When I have an A Level exam which I am under-prepared for in less than a week... all I can think about and all that is occupying my thoughts above academic success is, of corse, Glastonbury.

"Annie our exam is in a week!"

So me, Daisy, Lindz, Stephen and Roobz leave the rock on Monday, approximately 2 hours after I have tsunami'd all my psychological knowledge onto an exam paper mounted on a small wooden desk. BRAIN FRIED.
Here's the ideal situation...
'WOOO Psychology is over, thus, all my exams are over and woo let's go to Glasto and have a sweet time with no worries wooo....'


Wednesday the 30th (2 days after our return from glastoland) we sit a SECOND psychology paper. die die die die die die die.

SO in conclusion, I have to cram in a whole years worth of work into my brain BEFORE monday because to be quite frankly frank, honest and truthful... it ain't like i'm gonna be revising psychological experimental methods instead of grooving up my life in Shangri La or something similar and amazing.

Today was successful however...

In my revision break which was a well deserved one today I decided to have a bath.
Maybe it's just the high daring delinquent that I am, but I had a super hot one.
So hot that I was close to tears when I dipped my leg in... but I braved it and it was worth it.
As a treat I went all out with the bath products... scrubs, posh shampoo's and conditioner (i never use conditioner) and it was like a gift from the heavens.
What can we draw from one of THE most pointless post's ever made on the internet?
Having a bath is a successful interlude from revision as it refreshed me and made me brainy again.

I'm going to watch videos of the Cribs and continue with my daily dose of GLASTOFEVER.
(last night i couldn't sleep for thinking of how amazing next weekend is going to be OH MY)


My new absolutely favourite word (courtesy of Robert Anderson) is.....


Find out what it means and use it all the time.... (nice boating shoes... a bit... ubiquitous...)

Ok Goodnight

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