Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good Evening.
It should be made a law that everyone has to have a chamomile tea before bed every evening.
It's so calming and just the perfect conclusion to the day... especially for me at the moment as I am such a busy bee... all that's missing is some wings and a strong desire to sit on flowers.

What a weekend.

I feel that working monday to friday puts a real strain on my plans for the weekend because by friday I either want to go mad and party lots or I just want to wilt onto my bed and sleep until I have to work again.
This weekend was not the latter....
Friday arrived and after work I received an invitation for some drinks at Abigails.
This, I attended along with Brontey and enjoyed one chilled Magners and some vodka to follow.
This is us...

Then off we scurried to the Live Lounge.
Live Lounge is a funny one because you can never predict which events are going to be popular.
This night was a 'Britpopolypse' night which was of a (you guessed it) brit pop theme.
I very much expected to bumble around drunkenly for most of the night then shoot off in a taxi home to a cuppa tea and a sweet sleep... but much to my surprise... the instant that Pirate Video Company struck the very first chord of their set I was so hooked.
Max, Nick, Piers and Adam: I can't believe i'd never seen you play before this seeing as there have been so many nights which I had planned to.
Such a good set was played and I seriously LOVED it.

Yesterday, in breif, was perfect...

- Delia Baker
- Dixon (my car)
- Plemont
- Diet Coke (no ice! Stupid cafe)
- Swimming costumes
- Pool
- Sauna
- Garden
- Tea
- Rollies
- Camenbert cheese
- The Cribs
- India Sutton
- Dicq Shack
- Sunshine
- High Tide
- Pad Thai
- Bottle of vino
- England Vs USA
- Beautiful balcony
- Tea
- Toblerone
- Notting Hill

Mix all ingredients in a sunny saturday until light and creamy then add in some many conversations.
Once all combined, heat with love until golden brown.
Leave to cool, serve and enjoy... thoroughly.
I love days like these... they have a perfect balance of sanity and beauty... that's the Libra in me coming out to play.

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  1. I Love:

    The Cribs
    Notting Hill

    Sounds like fun :)