Thursday, June 17, 2010

A right spanner in the works...

About 3:30pm this afternoon I am sitting round the table at Daisy's with her sweet face along with lovely Lezala's and bring bring my phone rings (not bring bring actually my ring tone is Ride A White Swan - T.Rex) and it goes something like this:

- Hello
- Hello. Is this Annie Law
- Yes it is.
- Hi Annie it's (i can't remember his name) from Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
- Oh, hello?
- Well remember that you auditioned for the BA Hons in Acting and we had previously sent you a letter saying we were still considering your application but weren't confident to offer you a place as we still had a lot of candidates to see?
- Yes I remember...
- Well. We'd like to offer you a place. How does that sound?
- Wow. Right. Um. Well... I've actually already accepted a place at Liverpool John Moores for the Drama course...
- Oh right (laughs)
- But. um. wow. I don't really know what to say.
- Yes. Well it sounds like you might want to have a chance to think this over.
- Um. Yes please.....

I had completely and utterly decided on John Moores and was so happy with my choice la de daaa but here come LIPA offering me a bloody place now!
I should obviously take it but what the hell arrrggggggghhhh.

Great time to throw this mental desicion at me.


  1. Well done on the place LIPA is awesome for performing arts!

  2. wow!!!!!!!... the question is.. have you made a pros and cons list law?