Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ok so now more than ever before... I am riddled with freckles.
Everyone seems to think they're all cute and good but I don't think I enjoy them much.
I look about 2.

Two more days left of school ever...... WEIRD.
Totally and utterly bizarre but definately exciting.
I should probably revise for the english re-take that is on Thursday... hmm.
Me, Zoe and Robyn are cycling to school tomorrow because pretty much every year since I've been at Hautlieu I say, 'When it gets more sunny I really want to cycle to school...' NEVER HAVE.
So, seeing as this is my last chance to be able to say... yeah i've cycled to school... we're doing it.

A few other thoughts while I'm in the swing of blabbing on about stuff that no one actually cares about but it makes me feel special to be typing it ....

I just found a very good little gem of a band called '1,2,3' on the guardian website (which is a brilliant website for culture and such like).
They sound a bit rocky, psychadelicy, with a subtle hint of funkish type grooves.

Everyday glasto '10 gets closer and everyday ANNIE LAW GETS MORE AND MORE EXCITED ABOUT IT.
Laura Marling watch out because you can get married at glasto and that is what me and you will be doing.

Love Me x

P.s Joe Driscoll played at the live lounge last night and he was bloody spiffing.
Jolly fun night.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ok. Hello.
Has anyone been watching the programme 'I'm in a Rock and Roll Band'?
I'm watching it now and this one is all about singers.
Here are some observations I have made so far:

1. The guy from Stereophonics is an idiot... I quote... "If the women d
on't wanna fuck you and the men don't want to
be you then I don't see the point in being in a band.

2. Courtney Love isn't good in any way. She threw one of t
he most beautiful Rickenbackers i've ever seen for no reason. I dislike that intensely.

3. Mick Jagger wasn't hot. But he was extremely attractive. I still can't grasp how
or why.

4. Morrisey has beautiful eyes.

5. Iggy Pop used to look like Liza Minnelli

6. Bands used to actually be cool without trying. Bands now (not all but most) TRY so hard.

7. Jim Morrison literally had to do absolutely not
hing to be incredible.

8. I would like to marry Marc Bolan.

9. "Lead singers are different. They are special". OBVIOUSLY TRUE ;)


11. When did Tommy Lee get old?

12. Axl Rose is and always has been... my least favourite thing since karaoke.

13. Liam Gallagher. I don't really know where to start on this one. Louie.

14. I want to be in the 70's. Please.

I may add to this list in due course.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Guys I just made a blog. Is that lame?"

I'm now involved.
I've thrust myself into the world of blogging... the world where it's OK to pretend that everyone cares what you're writing about.
So this is it.

Basically... I feel like over the last three years working at the Coffee Shop... the question I have asked THE most, MORE often and OVER AND OVER again....
'Chocolate or Cinnamon?'

It's interesting.... I would always go for cinnamon... it's clearly the better choice of sprinkling for your coffee... but people ALWAYS seem to go for chocolate which baffles me.
Maybe cinnamon is more of a risk... less of a safe option?
I do not know.
But I urge you... next time you are about to request chocolate... go for cinnamon. Do it for me.

I am about to watch Ray and cry.