Sunday, January 16, 2011

So much for regular blogging...

... no but really.
I need to be more disciplined and actually stick to my regular blogging promise.
Not that anyone is going to be disappointed that I haven't blogged everyday.. but ya know... I want to!

SO I'm back in Liverpool.
I'd forgotten how bloody wonderful it is here. It's been so nice seeing everyone and being back in my room that I have made a rather large effort to feel extremely homely... I'm proud of it.

I've been back for two full days, and already, I'm back into the swing of watching things on 4od... utterly 'O.D ing' on films and sitting aimlessly at the desk for hours on end.
But I love it.
I love feeling content to just be sitting and doing nothing.
Just to update you on my aimless un-productiveness for today...

One bottle of pepsi max, tesco paella, four rollies, Sex and The City, Kickass, Toy Story 3, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Charlotte Heather, bed, facebook and a bottle of Volvic strawberry water... and now... Shameless.

Being here feels different to being at home... but I love both.
This post is dedicated to Jersey. I absolutely fricking love you, you beautiful little rock.


  1. Jersey most definitely is a beautiful rock!

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